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We are a group of FPV drone racers and we are the pioneer and pofessional Drone Racing organiser in Hong Kong. We are registered societies.

About us

Hong Kong FPV racers

About us

We are a group of FPV Drone Racing enthusiast promoting this sport in Hong Kong. We organize race, reviewing gears and educating the science and the skill that needed to take part in this exciting new sport.

Our Team

  • Bernard YIu -- Founder and Chairman
  • Charlie Fok -- Co-founder and Vice Chairman
  • Patrick Chan -- Co-founder
  • Kakei Leung -- Co-founder and Track Design Director
  • Titan Chan -- Co-founder and Technical and Training Director
  • Kap Cheung -- Technical and Safety Director
  • Barry Yu -- External relationships and Training Director
  • Roland Bernal -- External relationships and Safety Director
  • Watchmaker Lam -- Technical and Design Director
  • Qoey Chan -- Video Production Committee
  • Kim Tang -- Technical Consultation Committee
  • Wai Szeto -- Organizing Committee


Name: Kakei Leung

Motto: "Chase me if you can!"

Flying Style: Full throttle and sharp turn

Favorite Setup of Drone: Tell you later


Motto: "Beauty and Style"

Flying Style: Lights on, fly with guts

Favorite Setup of Drone: Tell you later

Name: Bernard

Motto: "Race against yourself is the key to win. Race is enjoyable."

Flying Style: Stable and accurate

Favorite Setting: Knight 220

Name: Watchmaker

Motto: "I only fly what I created"

Flying Style: Stable and not crashing my babies.

Favorite setting: QQ190, Sparrow Knight 220...etc.


Jun 19, 2018

沙瀾FPV LONG RANGE with TBS oblivion.

Jun 19, 2018

Sorry for poor video quality.....

Jun 14, 2018

MicroHD drone , not fast but HD:) Its a palm size(88mm) FPV drone equip with HD camera /protected propeller. Allow it to do something special or interact with people.
As u can see we have good hand fly skill but not a good video editor/director. If u have any idea or something wanna try ,just let us know:):) What FPV racing drone is?
-No GPS -No Autopilot
-No Attitude control
-FULL MANUAL CONTROL with finger and video feed from drone's camera
-Speed & FUN

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May 25, 2018


May 18, 2018

What a pity this is made by CG but yet a good advertisement.

May 18, 2018

介紹返 - 2018國際航聯世界無人機錦標賽測試賽現場報導 (終於有聲)
#dji #frsky

May 16, 2018


May 15, 2018


May 15, 2018

CCTV5 世界無人機錦標賽深圳測試賽報道

May 13, 2018

2018 China Drone Race Open (WDRC Test Match)

Our Partners

Global Sources (Chinese: 环球资源) (NASDAQ: GSOL) is a Hong-Kong based business-to-business (B2B) media company.[1] It facilitates trade from Greater China to the world, using a wide range of English-language media and facilitates trade from the world to Greater China, using Chinese-language media. The company provides sourcing information[2][3] to volume buyers and integrated marketing services to suppliers. In addition, Global Sources verifies the quality of the manufacturer.

Inventorfpv is one the most innovating company in the FPV Drone Racing industry. Our drone frame designer is used to be a mechanical watch designer with skills and craftsmanship. High standard and quality become the key of success in making a aerodynamic, durable and yet easy to build drone frame. We never sacrifice quality over cost and every product is carefully packed and checked. Let's fly and race with us.

FPV MODEL International is a company that driven by innovation and qaulity FPV products. We make and sell some of the most innovative products for FPV community.
Through developing new and innovative products, and supplying the FPV hobbyists with factory direct-selling prices, our goal is to deliver the customers the greatest designs on the market.